Dark Selva

Stealthy Aqueduct Congo Line

(Let’s have more potluck games in the future, because that was deeeelicious)

After a full rest, it is now twilight and the strange mist has gone. We decide that attempting to scale the aqueduct pillars (above ground aqueduct) might provide some info or another means for stealthier travel. Chali and Tess lead the way and discover there is no water flowing in these aqueducts and they would provide ample coverage. As we approach a building we are detected and victim to a psychic attack. There are 3 demons in all – a wraith, binder, and hellfire demon. Sunder was pissed and sucked a demon’s blood and use tower of iron will to protect us from attacks. We defeated these goes handily and it’s time to…

GO TO 11

Throw a dismembered limb at it!

As we head toward the capital we are accosted by a monster riding a monster. The rider is an aberrant creature resembling a distorted humanoid holding a spear and a battleaxe. The beast mount appears reptilian and has a tentacle tongue (the better to grapple you with!) and a sharp horn. This road is the only way to reach the capital so it is very likely these foes are lying in wait to thwart anyone from passing through. The rider lets out a maniacal bellowing laugh that marks anyone in close-range. The beast uses it’s tongue to throw rocks at the ranged fighters of our group, but we quickly take cover to avoid that shenanigans. The mount has a sack with a substance that is used to call down more enemies. Before long we have two more demons attacking us. The mount apparently also goes by “nightmare horror” and “absurdity”. The demons have a yell that dazes initially and after a failed save causes us to fall unconscious. Luckily only a few of us fall victim to it at a given time. We defeat the rider first and almost take down the beast, but another 3 minions join the fight. After a very arduous battle we finally manage to take them all out. After we pulled just about every daily and encounter power we choose to try to rest before moving on.

Total Exp: 865

I don't give a fuck if you think I suck, because I know I'm A-MAZE-ING

We begin on our way to the capitol. The bladelings of the watch will continue to investigate after we have informed them of what was going on, and having witnessed firsthand the odd occurrences. They were previously unaware of bladelings committing violence. The group re-evaluates the situation and decides to instead head for the university to try to find some answers. We do know that although we don’t believe it has a connection at this time, we realize the lack of plants is due to a fear of the outlying jungle (and therefore plantlife of any kind).

As we arrive at the university we recall that there is a particular way in which we have to enter to speak to someone. We approach a certain building, wait in the foyer where someone may choose to come talk to us, but no one comes out. We are able to continue in the building but what we find is clearly a magical maze where we are being evaluated. It is made of what appears and feels like regular stone walls, there is a low ceiling and we do not detect any traps along the way. Tess puts some chalk markings on the wall to try to assess where we have and have not been yet. We come to a room with slimy walls that we are able to distinguish as a spell cast as a sort of “window” for the mages to view what is happening in the maze from a distance. As we approach a large room, 3 bars move and block the doorway behind us. 3 strange distorted halflings attack us. Their hands are morphed together to form claws, 2 of them have cudgels and the other is a controller/caster. They have small sharpened teeth, and their heads are swollen and veiny in appearance. We dispatch of them and take the opportunity to rest up in this room.

After a little reflection we conclude those monsters shouldn’t have been a part of this magic maze, the mages would’ve kicked them out. We continue on and after teleporting back and forth in the maze a bit we find a room of books. Tess finds a text about an acient city below the base of a volcano, many centuries ago. The city was alive with commerce and learning and existed in the middle of the wilderness, until a nightmare came and the city destroyed itself until nothing was left. Scholars believe the city was moved by a god to another plane of existence. The nightmares are what started it all. There are some relics from around 6000 years ago, before this happened.

(OK another disclaimer – I failed to clarify in my notes which of these details were from the book about the ancient city or about Selva currently, so I’m going to verify tomorrow and edit as necessary :) )
The wall of the city is a striking feature, a wall higher than those used to stop armies from invading…what is it for? What is it trying to keep out (or in)? The wall is 3,000 years old and used to be inhabited by primitive cannibal halflings. (There is no volcano in or near Selva) There are sinkhole valleys – they are hard to get into and most commonly seen in rainforests or areas with high concentrations of limestone.

We also find a book about pyschic attacks and nightmares. They can be attacks within/by your own psyche. There are mental “fire escape” drills mentioned?? There are only a few ways this kind of attack can take place…either A) Person vs Person or B) mass hysteria by way of altering reality. This can take place when the psyche is moved / brain goes to another plane of existence (separate from body??). There are some protections and blessings to defend against psychic damage.

There are an infinite number of plans in existence. There are even mini-planes where gods create planes in their own image as a source of power. We know that these nightmares/psyche altering events happened a month ago and people disappeared. What happens with repeat exposure? Are the people who have disappeared just on another plane?

Back to the story, we check the university bunkers but find no one there, although the rooms look searched through already. We also check out the research facility which looks like (as expected) there were explosions taking place there; sigil marks left behind. The damage, while not unusual for this type of building, does not look recent. How long have they been gone?

We head back toward the capital!!

Total Exp: 400

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Cannibal Feast
My boyfriend says I must've gotten herpes from the chair leg

Disclaimer: Hey all, I’m not sure how to not make myself the DM on this campaign so if you know how…halp me. I usually am a shit note-taker but I’m meaning to do better so I took as many notes as I could…and I don’t have all the juicy details from our first few games so feel free to fill those in!

We’ve been hearing stories about weird nightmares, scared people hiding in their homes on the new moon, and missing hunting parties and continue our investigation into these mysteries in an effort to help some simple townsfolk. Chali has some amnesia about how we came to be here, but we are currently speaking with a fellow named Darter (a halfling, I presume?) and have heard more tales about an ancient sect of halfling cannibals that people seem to believe is only a distant legend of sorts. We talk to Darter about a missing hunter he may know. We choose to stay the night in his burrow (underground) and rest after a previous battle. None of us experiences anything unusual in our dreams in the night but we discover something horrible as we venture out from the burrow. There is an immediately noticeable stench of rotting flesh as we step outside. We notice that there are…body part strewn about along the underground street. No one else is awake in town yet and if they were…they are likely hiding in their homes from whatever monstrosity committed this violent display. There is a mutilated body right outside the neighbor’s door that looks as if the person were trying to flee their own home. Upon closer examination the wounds look like they were inflicted by human teeth and claws. There is no one home in the house and Darter believes the man is the tailor from a few streets over. He leaves our group to go speak to the authorities about what has happened.

As we travel further into the city we continue to see more parts…and blood. Through our observation it dawns on all of us that there is very little to no plant-life anywhere in this place. There are no plants in homes and there is only a small designated farming area of the city where plants are grown for food supply. As early morning breaks we see people wearing masks (to hide their identity) coming to clean up the corpses. There are also animal corpses littering the streets – cats and dogs and birds, etc. We press on through the haze, seeking answers. Those killed appear to be randomly chosen.

When we arrive in the marketplace we happen upon 2 bladelings fighting another bladeling who appears to own a shop. The 2 are driving out the shopkeep and this whole scene is very unusual for a race that is generally quite stoic and logical. Nevertheless we kill the 2 bladelings and attempt to keep hold of the 3rd for questioning. In the battle one bladeling manages to throw and break a vile that releases a smell that calls a slaad to attack us. We fight and kill the slaad, and the body dissipates after he is slain. Left with few clues and the riddle of the angry, vicious looking bladelings we check out the shop to find it is just a boring old sundries shop with little value. We follow the trail of bodies along the shops towards downtown. The stillness is palpable as the market continues to be deserted…complete lack of people and animals even as day breaks.

We decide to shifts gears and head to the authorities. Tessa detects that the foggy mist about us seems unnatural…and the daylight has made it even more noticeable, creepy & even disturbing. As we march on, a group of bladelings approaches us. They question our intentions as we try to tell of what has transpired in town. They seem to be aware of the trouble, but suddenly 6 people jump out of the nearby brothel!! The hooligans look ready to fight so we join forces with the bladelings and take them out quickly. As a bladeling is fighting the last minion, he is struck with a chair leg and dazed. With all the attackers down, the bladeling recovers and in a split second draws his weapon and guts his fellow guard. Another guard manages to knock him out cold.

We await an opportunity to question this bladeling and speak with the city commissioner.

Total Exp: 558 (333+225)



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