Dark Selva

Stealthy Aqueduct Congo Line


(Let’s have more potluck games in the future, because that was deeeelicious)

After a full rest, it is now twilight and the strange mist has gone. We decide that attempting to scale the aqueduct pillars (above ground aqueduct) might provide some info or another means for stealthier travel. Chali and Tess lead the way and discover there is no water flowing in these aqueducts and they would provide ample coverage. As we approach a building we are detected and victim to a psychic attack. There are 3 demons in all – a wraith, binder, and hellfire demon. Sunder was pissed and sucked a demon’s blood and use tower of iron will to protect us from attacks. We defeated these goes handily and it’s time to…

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AndreaMoulding HeatherPaske

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