Dark Selva

Throw a dismembered limb at it!


As we head toward the capital we are accosted by a monster riding a monster. The rider is an aberrant creature resembling a distorted humanoid holding a spear and a battleaxe. The beast mount appears reptilian and has a tentacle tongue (the better to grapple you with!) and a sharp horn. This road is the only way to reach the capital so it is very likely these foes are lying in wait to thwart anyone from passing through. The rider lets out a maniacal bellowing laugh that marks anyone in close-range. The beast uses it’s tongue to throw rocks at the ranged fighters of our group, but we quickly take cover to avoid that shenanigans. The mount has a sack with a substance that is used to call down more enemies. Before long we have two more demons attacking us. The mount apparently also goes by “nightmare horror” and “absurdity”. The demons have a yell that dazes initially and after a failed save causes us to fall unconscious. Luckily only a few of us fall victim to it at a given time. We defeat the rider first and almost take down the beast, but another 3 minions join the fight. After a very arduous battle we finally manage to take them all out. After we pulled just about every daily and encounter power we choose to try to rest before moving on.

Total Exp: 865


AndreaMoulding HeatherPaske

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